IMG_0752 by Amir Darafsheh on Flickr.

Baam-e Tehran | Humans of Tehran

I can see the mountains today. The looming haze of smog, accentuated by the brilliance of the August sun, which usually reduces their dominating presence to a faint outline in the distance, is nowhere to be seen. Their stony, weathered faces, having borne the ravages of the centuries which saw the demise of Darius’ dream and the spirit of Cyrus still regard the dusty landscape spread before them proud and resilient; and, as Mithra, drawn forth by his celestial chariot lounges languidly in Leo’s lair, I can still discern a few peaks blanketed in purest white, scattered throughout the Alborz range. Yonder lies Mazda’s bounty, which, moulded by the soft, orange hands of the midday sun, flows downwards into the madness below, breathing fresh life into the scores of sycamores lining leafy Vali-ye Asr Avenue.
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Valentine, Tehran Streets. Viva brave people of Iran. This can lead to major problems in a country where Moral Police patrols the streets.
Photo credits: © Hoda Rostami

Tehran - Iran (von barbatulus)

A Lady in Tehran, 1976 (©Bruno Barbey/Magnum Photos)

She plans to be an actress.
(Tehran, Iran)